Version History

Anacreon 2.1d

7 February 2005
  • Fixed a bad bug that was corrupting data structures. If a gate or other construct is picked as a map shortcut, and if that construct is later destroyed, the game file may be corrupted. [Thanks to Shannon Dwyer and the rest of Michael O'Connell's crew]
  • Fixed the production of defenses on fortresses, command bases, and outpost. These three constructs did not create as many defenses as the DOS version did. [Thanks to Derek Habermas]

Anacreon 2.1c

16 December 2004
  • Fixed a bad bug that was corrupting data structures. The symptom was that the program gave an error while trying to save a game. This was caused by a bug in the code that failed to delete names to deleted objects of other empires (in particular, constructions). [Thanks to Michael O'Connell]

Anacreon 2.1b

21 November 2004
  • Fixed a problem that caused connections to be lost during upload. [Thanks to Aaron Moore]
  • Added code to retry in case of error during upload.
  • Changed label for buttons when asked to capture or destroy enemy ships. [Thanks to TaurosElan]
  • If a world is owned by an empire, other empires get to see what the owner calls the world.

Anacreon 2.1a

8 November 2004
  • Fixed bug in which chat screen shows strange characters and/or inverted video.
  • Remember the username in online services.
  • When world, fleet, or structure is conquered, report the news to all empires that know about the object (previously, only empires that had scouted the object got the news).
  • News report when an empire abdicates.
  • When a probe scans a fleet, the probability of the probe being destroyed is now based on the ships in the fleet (previously, because of a bug, it was based on the infantry in the fleet).
  • When choosing a random name for an empire (at the beginning of the game) make sure that there are no duplicates.

Anacreon 2.1

5 November 2004
  • New online services allow you to play with anyone on the Internet.
  • Use Empire/Send Message to send messages to other empires.
  • Use Empire/Abdicate to renouce the throne and stop playing.
  • Supply fleets automatically refuel themselves. Supply fleets will refuel from a planet if they do not have enough fuel to reach their destination. If there isn't enough fuel on the planet, the fleet will wait until fuel is brought manually (instead of heading out anyway and running out of fuel in deep space).
  • Use Ctrl+{number key} to set a hotkey point on the map. Then press the designated number key to automatically scroll to the hotkey point on the map.
  • Fleets that are at their destination now show up in a brighter color (to distinguish them from the fleets that you've already tasked).
  • Industrial complexes and disrupters now have their own image.
  • Fixed a problem trying to save games where scenario has a ":" in the name. [Thanks to broadcast2k and Roald Peterson]
  • Fixed a crash while updating the game. The crash happened when an NPE sent a raiding fleet to a starbase that later moved. [Thanks to Sero]

Older Versions

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