2.0 Version History

Anacreon 2.0i

19 September 2004
  • Browse button in Load Game screen allows user to load saved games from any location, including network drives. [Thanks to Shay Wilson]
  • Lock game file during play (so that when playing on a network drive, only one player can play).
  • Passwords stored as one-way hash (instead of in plain-text). Unfortunately, because of this, files saved by 2.0i cannot be opened by earlier versions--but earlier versions are compatible with 2.0i.
  • Tools/Options menu allows the user to change default folders for save files and scenarios.
  • Save file name is now generated based on scenario name (instead of random numbers)
  • Scenarios with berserker empires now load correctly. [Thanks to Nikolaj W. Andersen]
  • Catch error case in which scenario defines empire without capital. [Thanks to Col Thornton]
  • Better error messages when parsing scenarios.
  • Fixed case in which industrial complexes starve even though there is enough food on a neighboring world. [Thanks to Leejay Wu]
  • Fixed bug in which disrupters were affecting a player's own ships.
  • Fixed incorrect news messages about fleets blocked by disrupters.

Anacreon 2.0h

17 August 2004
  • Scenarios now allow planets to have more trillum reserves. [Thanks to Col Thornton]
  • When a fortress (or command base) is selected, the Fleet menu used to have Set Destination disabled and Supply Orders enabled. Fixed this so that Set Destination is available (but Supply Orders is not). [Thanks to Leejay Wu]
  • The time-to-destination calculation for fortresses was incorrect (it used to include the fortresses' own internal gate in the calculation). [Thanks to Leejay Wu]
  • Starbases now show production view so that the player can see how many defenses are being produced. [Thanks to Leejay Wu]
  • Fixed a crash/hang when attacking with full transports of both infantry and elites. [Thanks to Keith Shapiro]
  • Fortresses now move after all of the player's fleets have moved. This allows a fleet on top of a fortress to use the fortresses' limited gate, even if the fortress is moving at the time. Previously, the fortress would sometimes (non-deterministically) move first, and strand the fleet before it could use the limited gate.

Anacreon 2.0g

27 June 2004
  • Fixed a crash when attacking a gate, link, disrupter, or construction. [Thanks to Brian Lane]

Anacreon 2.0f

13 June 2004
  • Fixed a bug where the game hangs if the player tries to retreat transports from the ground during an attack. [Thanks to merv]
  • Fixed a bug in which a defending planet does not use LAMs. [Thanks to merv]

Anacreon 2.0e

26 May 2004
  • Fixed a problem where the player doesn't get a chance to pick a name for the empire (and it defaults to "Empire 1"). [Thanks to merv]
  • Fixed a problem where commands stop working. [Thanks to merv]
  • Fixed a round-off error when launching LAMs at fleets with small numbers of ships. [Thanks to merv]
  • When launching probes, show the number of the probe just launched. [Thanks to merv]
  • Trying a different font in Windows 98.

Anacreon 2.0d

20 May 2004
  • Fixed a problem building fortresses and command bases. [Thanks to Josh Whittaker]
  • Fixed time-to-destination calculation for fleets on a fortress.

Anacreon 2.0c

18 May 2004
  • Fixed a crash bug when a fleet is destroyed while in the Fleet Status screen. [Thanks to Keith Shapiro]

Anacreon 2.0b

16 May 2004
  • Fixed a crash bug when selecting Show Production for resource worlds (agriculture, mining, etc.) that are on the edge of the map. [Thanks to Keith Shapiro]
  • Fixed a crash bug when non-player empire tries to launch a re-supply fleet and it can't find enough transports and so it tries to deploy some transports from the nearest base but the nearest base has no transports. [Thanks to Keith Shapiro]
  • Numeric keypad now works on both the Select Number of Players screen and in Fleet Transfer. [Thanks to Markus Eckert]

Anacreon 2.0a

12 May 2004
  • Now works on Windows 98. [Thanks to Markus Eckert]
  • Fixed a (possibly theoretical) bug in which game announces that ancient ships were found even though none really exist (uninitialized array).

Anacreon 2.0

7 May 2004
  • A new version of Anacreon written in C++ for Windows.