DOS Edition

Adam Luker officially maintains the DOS Edition source code. In some respects, the DOS Edition is more advanced than the latest Windows version. In particular, Adam has added several enhancements to the game, including:

  • Disrupter enhancements to make them more useful.
  • A terraforming command as a gate-level technology.
  • An SRMSweep order for fleets.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements to the scenario format.

Game Files

Anacreon 2.0 DOS Edition (212K Zip)
Anacreon 1.31 DOS Edition (194K Zip)


Full Manual (89K Zip; Microsoft Word Format)
Front cover (173K Zip)
Inside images (1.1M Zip)

Source Code

Anacreon 2.0 Source code (356K Zip)
Anacreon 1.31 Source code (344K Zip)

Galaxy and City. Original artwork by David Margil.