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Download Anacreon 2.1d Anacreon 2.1d
7 February 2005
983 KB
Anacreon for Windows version 2.1d
Includes 8 original scenarios. Version history.
Installation: Unzip into a folder on your hard disk and run Anacreon2.exe.
Requirements: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. Internet connection required for online services.
Scenario Pack 1 Scenario Pack 1
7 May 2004
56 KB
11 classic scenarios including:

The Nebula and Arronax by Adam Luker
The Aftermath by Brent Fairbanks
The Great Confront by James Moore
A Rude Awakening by Mark K. Styles
We're Here to Take Over Parts I and II by Mark. K Styles

and many more.

Installation: Unzip into the Anacreon folder.