Play Anacreon on the Internet with Version 2.1

Anacreon 2.1 is here! If you've been playing games by email, then this is the version for you. Anacreon now includes an online service so that you can play with anyone in the world. Here's how it works:

  1. First, download Anacreon 2.1.
  2. Next, run Anacreon and click on the Online Games icon.
  3. Create a new account and wait for your friends to create their accounts and arrive at the Sovereigns Lounge.
  4. Once everyone has an account, click on New Game.
  5. Now pick the players that will join you in the scenario.
  6. Start playing!

The online services will keep track of who is playing and will tell you when it is your turn to play. Once you've taken your turn, you can leave until it is time to play again, or you can stay and chat with other players in the Sovereigns Lounge.

Here are a few more tips for Anacreon 2.1 and the new online service:

  • DisrupterEveryone in your group must have Anacreon 2.1 (or later).
  • You may use any scenario on your computer to play, but the scenario must support at least two players.
  • Once you start playing a given turn, you must complete your turn within 2 hours. Otherwise, the online service will conclude that your computer has crashed and it will skip your turn.
  • If no one takes a turn for 24 hours, then the online service will automatically skip all remaining players and start the next year.
  • You may send messages to other empires with the Empire/Send Message menu option. [Note that you can only send messages to empires that you know about.]
  • You may abdicate your reign if you feel that you cannot continue. Use the Empire/Abdicate menu option.
  • Supply fleets under orders will automatically refuel from either the source or destination planet as needed.
  • You may program hotkeys to take you to designated places on the map. Use Ctrl+{some number} to set a position on the map. Whenever you hit the specified number, the map will scroll to the designated position. For example, you can select the enemy capital on the map and press Ctrl+3. Now, when ever you press the number 3 on the keyboard, the map will scroll to the enemy capital.
  • For a complete list of changes and bug fixes in version 2.1, consult the Version History page.

And finally, a few disclaimers and qualifications:

  • The Anacreon online service is a free public facility. Please do not abuse it.
  • You must be 13 years or older to use this service.
  • As this is the first version with an online component, there are bound to be some problems. As usual, please email any suggestions, compliments or complaints to [email protected]. And thank you for your patience with any issues that may occur.

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