Anacreon 2.0i Supports Multiplayer LAN Games

Anacreon 2.0i includes new features for turn-taking, multiplayer games on a Local Area Network (LAN). When save files are placed on a shared drive, Anacreon automatically locks the file in use to prevent multiple players from playing simultaneously. To play on a LAN follow these directions:

  • Make sure all players have read/write access to a shared network folder.
  • All players should select Tools/Options and set the save files folder to the shared network folder.
  • Start a new game and take your turn; when you are done, Select Game/Save and Close.
  • The next player can now load the game and take his or her turn.
  • If needed, use the Reset button in the Tools/Options screen to point the save folder back to the default location.

All players must be using 2.0i or later to play. You can download the latest version here.

For a list of other changes in 2.0i, please consult the Version History page.