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Transcendence 0.95b

30 November 2005

Ammunition box, fuel, and drive device.The latest version of Transcendence, 0.95b, is now ready for download! This new version fixes several bugs reported by the ever vigilant players in the Unofficial Transcendence Forums.

This version also adds a couple of new items. I've always felt that Heliotropes should have their own fuel items. This new version introduces Heliotrope fuel cylinders, which act like very good quality fuel.

The other kind of item added in this version is the ammunition box. Ammunition boxes generally contain ammunition. Unfortunately, the only way to tell what they really contain is by opening them—and by then, of course, it's too late.

Modders also get some new features in this version. Check out the OnRefuel event introduced for Heliotrope fuel cylinders. It should be possible to create interesting items that do something to your ship when refueling. There is also a way to set the fuel efficiency for reactors and a way to set the starting credits for player ships.

As always, for a complete list of changes, please the version history page.

Transcendence 0.95a

4 November 2005

Transcendence version 0.95a is now available in the downloads section. This new version fixes several bugs, including a crash bug and the problems with mouse coordinates. For a complete list of changes, please see the version history page.


Transcendence 0.95

25 October 2005

Transcendence 0.95

Transcendence 0.95 is ready for download!

It's been several months, but the latest version of Transcendence is finally ready for testing. This new version adds many frequently requested features, including a choice of starting ship class, better support for modders, and, of course, more enemies, missions, and items. More...

Transcendence 0.9e

25 June 2005

Agricultural StationTranscendence version 0.9e is now available in the downloads section. This new version fixes several bugs, including one that caused random game problems while docked. This version also fixes the Agricultural station exploits (and makes it easier to save the station from the pirates).

For a complete list of changes, please consult the version history page.

Transcendence 0.9d

5 June 2005

Transcendence 0.9c

29 May 2005

New item list user interface

Transcendence 0.9c has a few improvements requested in the Unofficial Transcendence Forums.

  • The user interface now shows a list of items (instead of a single item at a time). Now you can loot items with ease.
  • The [C] key now brings up a communications interface that lets you order your autons individually.
  • The new 330M mule auton lets you carry an extra 75 tons of cargo. Just dock with the auton and transfer whatever cargo you want. With the new communications interface you can even order the auton to wait for you some place away from the action—just make sure there aren't any Salvagers around.

For a complete list of changes, consult the version history page.


5 May 2005

M104Fans of Transcendence may recognize this galaxy as the one that appears on the title screen.

The dark central dust lane gives this beautiful galaxy a three-dimensional appearance. This is my favorite edge-on galaxy, but its small size and overwhealmingly bright core make it a very challenging object to capture with the DSI.

The Astrotourist: M104

Transcendence 0.9b

1 May 2005

Scarab-class superfreighterTranscendence 0.9b is ready for download! This new version fixes several bugs (including, finally, a bug that prevented wingmen from following the player through stargates). This version also includes a couple of minor new features, including a new Commonwealth Fortress mission and some new auton types.

For a complete list of changes, consult the version history page.

Transcendence 0.9a

31 March 2005

Ringer's CollectiveTranscendence 0.9a is ready for download! This new version fixes several bugs reported in the Unofficial Transcendence Forums. In particular, it fixes problems with autons and wingmen not following the player through stargates, and it fixes Crom's amusing death problem.

For a complete list of changes, consult the version history page.

Transcendence 0.9

16 March 2005

Transcendence 0.9

Transcendence 0.9 is here! Thanks to the wonderful feedback and suggestions from the Unofficial Transcendence Forums, the game continues to improve. This latest release adds more encounters at the higher levels and deals with some game-play issues at the lower levels, such as deliberate destruction of friendly stations. More...


27 February 2005

M106Visually, M106 is a very challenging object but don't let that stop you from photographing it. The detail that is so difficult to detect at the eyepiece is glaringly obvious in long-exposure photographs. Unlike the beautiful patterns of M63, however, the detail in M106 is more chaotic and asymmetric. I confess that it took me a while to appreciate its charm, but suspect that this will be an object that I will return to again and again.

The Astrotourist: M106


25 February 2005

In 1845, the Earl of Rosse first saw the mysterious spiral structure of M51, using a 72-inch reflector, then the world's largest telescope. Today, it is difficult, but not impossible, to see the spiral structure with modest amateur instruments. From under the light-pollution of Cambridge, I have never been able to see any structure at all in M51. Fortunately, a CCD camera can integrate hours worth of light and easily reveal the structure that used to require a telescope the size of a barn to see.

The Astrotourist: M51


19 February 2005

M94The latest entry in The Astrotourist is M94, the Croc's Eye Galaxy. This is the longest single exposure I've done so far (four hours), and also one of the easiest to process.

The Astrotourist: M94


14 February 2005

Like all great cities, Paris is full of contradictions. Its architecture honors the past, while its shops and people look to the future; its monuments celebrate victory in war while its museums nurture beauty and art. Paris is like no other city on earth—and yet everyone who visits will feel right at home.


Anacreon 2.1d Released

7 February 2005

Thanks to Shannon Dwyer and the rest of Michael O'Connel's crew for finding another good crash bug in Anacreon. Download the latest version for a fix.

M81 and M82

19 January 2005

M81Today, anyone with a modest telescope can easily see the fuzzy patches of light from these two galaxies. So why did it take a hundred years for them to be discovered? As with so many things in life, it's easy to find something if you know where to look. In 1774, before telescope go-to computers, before "Sky Atlas 2000.0" and even before "Astronomy for Dummies," finding a deep sky object was strictly trial and error. More...

NGC 891

12 January 2005

NGC 891The Milky Way might look like this if viewed edge-on by someone 30 million light-years away.

The central bulge is the core of the galaxy, where (very likely) a massive black hole is gorging itself on star systems and belching out X-rays and gamma-rays. The dark band across the middle is a dust lane along one of the galaxy's arms. If this were our galaxy, the solar system would be two-thirds of the way from the central bulge to the edge of the galaxy.  More...