Spiral Galaxy
NGC 4594
12H 40.0m -11° 37'

Magnitude: 8.0
Size: 9' × 4'
Distance: 65 million light-years


Requires intermediate skills

Skill Level
M104 is bright enough for most telescopes and cameras, but its small size and large dynamic range require intermediate capture and processing skills.

MayBest Month
For Northern Hemisphere observers, M104 is half-way up the southern sky in May.


Recommended Equipment
The best telescope for M104 is probably a good SCT . The galaxy's small size and relative brightness are a good match for a long focal-length SCT.

If you have problems tracking, however, you may prefer a rich-field Newtonian.


Image Stats
Meade 8" SN LXD75
Meade DSI Pro III
Meade RGB + IR filters

LRGB at 232:44:50:48 minutes respectively. 2-minute subs; 2×2 binned RGB.

Average to good transparency
16, 25, 26, 30 May 2009
San Mateo, CA

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