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Version 0.9
Requires: Microsoft Windows XP or Vista; 512 MB of RAM; 1024x768 resolution with 16-bit color or better; fast processor, multiple-cores recommended.
Installation: Unzip the contents to a folder on your computer.


Download these configurations and open them in Luminous to generate various kinds of images. (You may need to right-click and select "Save Target As..." to download the configurations.)

Galaxy Renderer

Galaxy Renderer 1.0

Render realistic spiral galaxies with this configuration.

Cube Pile

Cube Pile 1.0

This sample configuration renders an array of cubes in various random arrangements. Use this to help you figure out how to write a Luminous configuration.

Explosion Explorer

Explosion Explorer 1.0

I used Explosion Explorer to create all of the animated explosions in Transcendence. Play with the parameters to create an almost infinite variety of explosions.