UAS Ships

UAS Ships
George Moromisato
10 August 2013

When I started Transcendence many years ago, my 3D modelling skills were, to put it kindly, limited. I've improved somewhat since then and often go back and redesign some of my earlier ships. Playtesting has also revealed game-balance problems on several ships, early ones in particular. For the upcoming 1.2 release I've redesigned and rebalanced some of the UAS ships used by outlaws. The image above shows some new and old designs to scale (the bar on the lower-right is marked in meters).

Hammerhead: I'm happy with the original Hammerhead-class design, so I didn't modify it. However, for 1.2 I weakened its shields because its defense strength was too strong compared to its offensive capabilities. In general, there are four permutations for offense and defense: a ship with a weak defense and a weak offense is good for cannon fodder; weak defense and strong offense is interesting because the player has to be careful, but can still overpower the ship; a strong defense and strong offense makes for a boss-level ship. But a ship with a strong defense and weak offense is not very interesting. It doesn't threaten the player very much but is hard to kill. That just makes it boring, in my opinion.

T31 Transport: I didn't modify the T31 design but I re-rendered the image to increase its size: it should be about 50 meters long, about the same size as an EI200 freighter.

Borer: The Borer also increased in size. In addition, I decreased the speed and maneuverability of the Borer II class to be closer to its predecessor. Since both look like they have the same engines, they should move similarly.

Zulu: I never liked fighting against the Zulu class. Its armor is tougher than Corsairs and Centauri raiders, generally requiring many shots to kill. But its small size make it a difficult target for a level 1 ship. In 1.2 I increased its size to make it a better target. I also redesigned it a little bit, lightening its armor color (ceramic armor) and adding a little color to match its Oromo and Sotho siblings.

Oromo: The Oromo class has been redesigned. I added elements from the Zulu to keep the family consistent.

Sotho: I redesigned the Sotho class to look like a heavier version of the Oromo. I also gave it an omnidirectional turret to differentiate it further from the Oromo.

I plan on releasing Transcendence version 1.2 concurrently with Corporate Command.