Corporate Command

A Manticore flies along side a Svarog-class cruiser.
George Moromisato
5 August 2013

In about two months, if all goes according to plan, I will release Corporate Command, the first paid expansion for Transcendence. This new expansion focuses on the Corporate Hierarchy and includes dozens of new features:

  • Three new player ship classes, including Makayev's famous Manticore class
  • New missions for the Corporate Hierarchy, including a few with Kate Morgental
  • Several new star systems and three new enemy sovereigns
  • And of course, lots of new armor, weapons, and treasures

In the coming weeks I'll talk more about Corporate Command and preview some of its features, but today I want to show off the teaser image above. The image depicts a Manticore heavy gunship flying along side Makayev's Svarog-class cruiser. Though not nearly as elegant as Rasiermesser's Corporate Cruiser, the Svarog can match it in firepower. It carries an array of heavy guns, including the giant Mark VII howitzer.