World Menu


This command allows the player to rename the selected object. Both worlds and fleets may be named using this command. Names are only visible to the player (i.e., other empires will not see the name).


Once a world has been conquered, the empire may determine what its principal industry will be. This command will redistribute the industry of a world to conform to the desires of the emperor or empress.

Note that not all types will necessarily be available. This command will only show types that are possible for the world. Types that require a greater tech level, for example, will not be shown.

Import/Export Orders

This command is used to change the Industrial Self-Sufficiency Percentage of a given world. The current value for each resource industry is shown. A value of 100% indicates that the world will produce enough of the resource to match demand. A value less than 100% means that the world will need to import the given resource. A value greater than 100% means that the world will produce more of a resource than it needs.

Self Destruct

Any starbase or gate (except an industrial complex) may be set to self-destruct if they are in danger of falling into enemy hands. The resulting explosion will destroy all fleets in the sector.


Use this command if you wish to make a world independent. You may also use this command to give the world to any known empire.