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This command orders the selected fleet to attack a target in the same sector. If there are any enemy fleets in the sector, they must be destroyed first before any world in the sector can be attacked.

After choosing a target, the player is asked to configure the attack groups. The standard configuration places each type of ship in the fleet in its own group. Select a group and click [split] to split the type into more than one group. Select a group and click [join] to merge the ship type into fewer groups.

Once in combat, use the mouse (or arrow keys) to select each of your groups. Right-click on an enemy to select it as a target (or press the [T] key to cycle through all valid target. Right-click on the group itself to select no target. Use the [A] key to order the group to advance; use the [R] key to order the group to retreat; use the [S] key to order the group to stand and fight.

Click [engage] to resolve the battle round and then set the target and maneuver for each group again. Note that the computer automatically assigns a default target and a maneuver for all your groups at the beginning of each battle round.

If the odds seem stacked against you, click the [retreat] button to abort the attack.

See Combat for more information.

Launch LAMs

LAMs may be launched from any world that has them to attack enemy worlds and fleets within five sectors.

Set Defenses

When an enemy empire attacks one of your worlds, the computer divides the ships at the world among the different orbital locations. This command allows you to specify the arrangement for these defenses. The defense setting is global, affecting every world in the empire, but it may be changed as often as needed.

The screen shows the percentage of each type of ship that should be placed at each orbit. Use the mouse (or arrow keys) to select a location and type. Type a value to set the percentage for the current selection. The sum of percentages for each ship type is shown at the right so that you always assign 100% of your ships.

Note: Remember that defense satellites can attack high and standard orbits; GDMs attack standard orbit; ion cannons attack low orbit. You should concentrate your forces around these points.