Fleet Menu


This command will deploy a fleet from the selected world or fleet. The center of the screen shows two lines of units. The top line represents the ships and resources for the new fleet. The bottom line represents the ships and resources available at the source. Use the left and right arrow keys (or the mouse) to select a type of ship or resource to transfer. Use the up and down arrow keys to transfer resources. You may also enter a number to transfer a specific number of resources.

The cargo space value to the extreme right indicates the amount of cargo space available at both the source and destination of the transfer.

Set Destination

This command will allow the player to set a destination for the currently selected fleet. After the command is issued, use the mouse (or the arrow keys) to select the destination of the fleet on the map.

Whenever a fleet is selected you may also right-click on the map to set the destination of the fleet to that sector.


This command is used to move ships and cargo from the fleet to a world or fleet in the same sector. This command behaves just like the Fleet/Deploy command.


This command orders the selected fleet to refuel from a friendly world or fleet in the same sector. The fleet will attempt to fill its fuel tanks from the trillum available at the refueling point.

SRM Sweep

Enemy SRM fields may be completely destroyed by fleets containing at least 100 starships. This command instructs the selected fleet to destroy all SRMs in the sector.

Abort To

This command will disband the selected fleet and move the ships and cargo to the another world or fleet in the same sector.

Supply Route Orders

This command is used to order the selected fleet to repeatedly move material from one world to another. The command allows the player to specify the source and the destination as well as the quantity of material to move. The fleet will automatically move to the source, transfer material up, move to the destination, transfer material down, and then return to the source to repeat the cycle.

Note that fleets under orders must still be manually refueled by the player when needed.

Cancel Orders

This command will cancel any Supply Route Orders for the selected fleet.