NGC 7479

NGC 7479

Spiral Galaxy
NGC 7479
23H 5m +12° 19'

Magnitude: 10.8
Size: 3.9' × 3'
Distance: 106 million light-years

NGC 7479

Requires intermediate skills

Skill Level
NGC 7479 is a small galaxy that requires high magnification and long exposures.

OctoberBest Month
Best captured in October.

Recommended Equipment
Use an SCT with long exposures to best capture this small galaxy. 

If you cannot track steadily enough, use a focal reducer or a Newtonian.


Image Stats
Meade 8" SN LXD75
Meade DSI Pro III
Meade RGB + IR filters

LRGB 220:70:118:296 minutes respectively. 2-minute subs; binned 2×2 for RGB.

Good to excellent transparency
9, 10, 25 October 2009
San Mateo, CA