NGC 7293

NGC 7293

Planetary Nebula
NGC 7293
22H 29.6m -20° 50'

Magnitude: 6
Size: 17.5' × 11.7'
Distance: 500 light-years

NGC 7293

Suitable for beginners

Skill Level
The Helix Nebula is one of the brightest and largest planetary nebulae in the sky.

OctoberBest Month
Best captured in October.

Recommended Equipment
NGC 7293 is perfect for a medium-sized Newtonian.

An SCT with a focal reducer would also capture this target well.

Small refractors are not as suitable.


Image Stats
Meade 8" SN LXD75
Meade DSI Pro III
Meade RGB + IR filters

LRGB at 484:66:76:132 minutes respectively. 2-minute subs; 2×2 binned RGB

Average to good transparency
18-20 September 2009
San Mateo, CA