NGC 4565

NGC 4565

Spiral Galaxy
NGC 4565
Coma Berenices
12H 36.3m +25° 59'

Magnitude: 9.6
Size: 16.2' × 2.3'
Distance: 32 million light-years

NGC 4565  

Suitable for beginners

Skill Level
NGC 4565 is a large and bright object that will reward all skill levels and efforts.

MayBest Month
NGC 4565 stays high in the sky for much of Spring. 


Recommended Equipment
A fast Newtonian will get you a good shot of this beautiful galaxy is a relatively short amount of time.

Of course, an SCT can give you much better resolution, particularly for the chaotic central dust lane.

A refractor would also work, particularly if you want to show the galaxy in a wider field of view.


Image Stats
Meade 8" SN LXD75
Meade DSI Pro III
Meade RGB + IR filters

LRGB at 220:80:48:92 minutes respectively. 4-minute subs; 2×2 binned RGB.

Good to excellent transparency
5, 11-12 June 2010
San Mateo, CA.

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