Globular Cluster
NGC 6205
16H 41.7m +36° 28'

Magnitude: 5.8
Size: 16.6'
Distance: 25,100 light-years


Suitable for beginners

Skill Level
M13 is easy to find and easy to capture. It is in reach of almost any combination of telescope and camera.

JulyBest Month
Summer is the ideal time to capture this object. You will find M13 high in the sky during July.


Recommended Equipment
Almost any telescope is appropriate for M13—it is bright enough high focal-ratio SCTs and it is large enough for small refractors.

A small refractor will show a brilliant globe floating in the blackness of space. With sufficient exposure time, you might be able to capture the galaxy NGC 6207 in the same field.

A long-focal-length SCT will resolve hundreds of stars in M13's core. The cluster will look like a teaming metropolis of stars.

As always, a rich-field Newtonian is a good compromise.


Image Stats
Meade 8" SN LXD75
Meade DSI Pro III
Meade RGB + IR filters

RGB at 40:40:54 minutes respectively. 2-minute subs.

Good transparency
26 June 2009
San Mateo, CA

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